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Warrior’s Creed


Warrior’s Creed


Jesus IS my life. I will not give Him 10% of my
money, time or obedience. By His grace, I will lay
my life down at His feet and give Him 100%. I am not
my own.


Proverbs says that life and death is in the power of
the tongue. More people have been destroyed by
lying, criticism, judgementalism and gossip than by
any war. Before I speak, I will weigh my words, and
the consequences. I will pray, “Set a watch at my
lips, O Lord.”


The more a person talks, the more it shows how
empty their heart is and how shallow their
relationship with God. I learn far more from listening
than from talking. I will listen to others – there are far
too few listeners. And with my Father, I will listen as
much as I pray. He wants to talk. I cannot expect
guidance or comfort, challenge or growth if I simply
hand God my wish list and walk away. The world is
too full of noise. I will remember that when God
spoke to Elijah, first there was a whirlwind, then a
fire, then an earthquake, but “The Lord was not in
them.” Then came a still, small voice. I cannot be
greatly used unless I take time to listen.




This is the loneliest generation in history. We are so
afraid of being alone that we will take any
friendship, date any person and go any place just to
make sure we aren’t alone. But I accept that
loneliness is a gift. It is God on the telephone. Even
if I have friends., even if I marry, there is still a
God-shaped loneliness which will never be
completely filled until I am with Him, but which
drives me to His heart while I am in exile here. I will
set apart time without TV, without radio or music,
without people and without hurrying, to just be with
Him, worshipping Him and loving Him. A great
leader once said he would not see the face of man in
the morning until he saw the face of God. By God’s
grace, this will be my goal as well.




I will set my affections on things above (the things
Jesus cares about -not success, money, power, etc.)
I am determined not to be counted among those who
have just enough of the world to be miserable with
Jesus, and just enough of Jesus to be miserable with
the world. I will count myself as a pilgrim and a
stranger in this world and strip myself of every
worldly entanglement I can, so I can please Him who
has called me to be a soldier.


I will not sacrifice eternal reward on the altar of
temporary pleasure. Knowing that the great tragedy
of judgment day will be what I could have been if I
had let Jesus really run my life, I will keep a daily
awareness that only those things I do for Jesus will
never be forgotten. Because I am away from my real
Home, wherever I find a true believer and share in
the fellowship of God’s love, they will be my home.

Jesus said the rain falls on the just and the unjust. I
expect hard times, and I am determined to let no
circumstance make me bitter, or hardened to God, or
unwilling to love. In any trial, I will ask Jesus to let
it make me into a broken servant. Only when I am
broken, am I strong.


Jesus said I must worship God in spirit AND in truth.
I will hold nothing back from God. I will yell,
scream, cry, laugh, tell the ugliest sin and the
deepest hurt to God without reservation or fear,
knowing He already knows what is in my heart. I will
eliminate all “thees and thous” and formal nonsense
from my prayers and simply talk to my Father as I
would to my friend. He is not frightened or offended
by my anger or my honesty, nor ashamed of my tears
and my wounds. I will hide NOTHING from Him, and
even when I have sinned, I will take it to Him right


Knowing that “man sees the outward appearance but
God sees the heart”, this will be my goal as well. I
will judge no one by their dress, words or actions,
but will ask Jesus to show me their heart. A prophet
is one who “sees with seeing.” God, help me to see
as You do, hear as, You do and feel as You do, as
well as think as You do.



The truth of God’s love, Jesus’ power and my
purpose are easy to stand for when things go well. By
God’s grace, I will never deny these truths no matter
how much my personal fires and trials may seem to
say God does not love me, that Jesus cannot help
me or that I have no purpose. “Let God be true and
every man be a liar. Though my faith in these truths
be tested, I will spit in the devil’s face and tell him,
“Though He slay me, I will still serve Him.”




I am not exempt from suffering or problems.
Therefore, when they come, I will not ask God, “Why
me?”, but ask Him what the trial is meant to
produce in me. “Why?” is a pointless question. But
“What for?” allows the Holy Spirit to use the
circumstance for my growth and guidance.




If I really believe that “God is at work in all things to
produce good”, then I accept that there are no
exceptions. Therefore my past, no matter how
painful, ugly or sinful, can be transformed into a
tool of compassion and forgiveness that the Father
can use to touch hurting people




I accept that hurts that took years to form may not
change overnight. There will be spiritual surgeries
and times of tears. I will not settle for a halfway
deliverance, but seek God’s face until my emotions
are fully healed and in God’s hands. A former
prisoner war once asked how he endured all the
years of imprisonment and still had hope. He
replied, “I never decorated my cell.” I will not
become comfortable with my wounds or the
sympathy my flesh seeks from them, and I will not
decorate my personal cell of pain, I will be free.


Although I will listen to all criticism, receive and
weigh all counsel, I will
not allow anyone’s opinion to deflect me from
following Jesus and His will for me. I will always
play for the Coach and never for the crowds.
Knowing that popularity is not approval from God, I
will not allow man’s praise to feed my ego nor his
blame to defeat my spirit. Only Jesus’ opinion




Knowing that God’s Kingdom and message is
advanced more by prayer and obedience than by
personality and persuasion, I am committed to
making sure demons know I mean business, not to
impressing the crowds.




Paul said, “From now on we know no one after the
flesh, but after the Spirit.” I will not waste my time
socializing but find and addict myself to Christians
whose life is lived in the love of Jesus and His




If Jesus lives in me, then I do not want people to
have to sort through the trash in my heart to see
Him., I will seek to be cleansed from all secret
sins, so that I am like a clear window through which
my Savior can be seen. I will not be afraid to share
my heart, my healing or my struggles, if that will
gain the trust of the wounded, so that I can take their
hand and place it in the Father’s healing hand.




By God’s grace, I too will be that man. I want no
other thing than for God to use my life as
completely and thoroughly as He can, and whatever
price I must pay to be that pure vessel, I will pay it
and not shrink back.




The world is full of betrayal of trust and of innocence
destroyed. I realize, in the words of Floyd McClung,
that people don’t care how much I know until they
know how much I care. Therefore, I will seek to be a
trustworthy friend and a person who will not
condemn or turn back from anyone’s sins or
problems, but rather give them a place where they
can know the completeness of God’s acceptance
and love.




Knowing that Jesus left the 99 to seek the one,
knowing that Jesus always took time for the one
person who needed Him, I will not prefer crowds to
the one life Jesus may give me to love and disciple.




I will be willing to get my hands dirty and get into
the blood and guts of their lives to bring them to
Jesus’ arms, I will not be afraid to cry, for tears are
precious to God, and only an insecure and proud
man cannot and will not cry. Paul commanded that
we weep with those that weep, and I will ask God to
break my heart until my tears become powerful
intercession on behalf of the hurting soul. Knowing
that only a man afraid of himself will not show
gentleness, I seek to know God so deeply that I can
say, like David, “Your gentleness has made me
great.” Knowing that God longs to bring people to
him “with cords of human love” (Hosea) I ask God to
let me be the cords through which His love is




Jesus said to make disciples – followers of Him.
Knowing that Jesus has given me, through spiritual
parents, a great legacy, I will seek to instill that
legacy into all those He gives me to raise up. Then,
I will teach them how to pass it on to those they are
called to. I will never forget that God’s Kingdom is a
family and only grows as I am willing to lay down my
life to raise those He has given me to love for His




Knowing that 1 Corinthians 13 is true, I will ask God
that love be the starting and ending of all I do, and
everything in between. God is love; may my life be
a vessel of that Love until He takes me Home.


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Removing the Linchpin

Removing the Linchpin

Satan fears the Word of God. I’ve lived enough to see the power of the Word of God change lives, heal the sick, deliver from demons, mend broken hearts, and set people on fire with purpose and power.

I was recently “set” up in a phone interview I did innocently believing I was going to be asked about my law enforcement work. Instead, I was viciously attacked. At one point, they said, “You’re not law enforcement. You have no formal training. What right do you have to post what you do on the internet?” “Because it’s the truth”, I replied. “That’s YOUR truth!” they replied. I nearly laughed. I’d hit the crux of the matter. “Listen bubba”, I replied, “There’s no `my truth’ and `your truth’. A thing is either true or it’s not.”

If I said I was a poached egg, you would call a therapist. “But that’s MY truth!” No, that’s my DELUSION. Clearly I am not a poached egg (though I sometimes resemble one.)

Somehow, absolute truth has been completely lost in the modern lie of “relativism” – you know – that truth is subject to circumstances, social settings and personal feelings. One professor told a student, “There are no absolutes”, to which the wise student replied, “Are you absolutely sure?”

The degree in which relativism has infested the educational system and filled young minds full of junk is deeply disturbing. I can’t even have a rational conversation with most “educated” people. They get emotional and angry when presented with reason and facts that contradict their oft-repeated and little reasoned ten second sound bite opinions, finally ending the conversation with, “Well, that’s YOUR truth!” Which is the liberal version of “Nanny, nanny boo boo!”

Can you imagine, if, for example, driving laws were based on relativism?

– The lights are red, yellow, and green. If your truth says red means go, then go.
– The speed limit is only a suggested one. If it “feels right” to go 90 MPH in a school zone, follow your heart.

In other words, lawlessness and anarchy would rule the road, and it would be a slaughter, when “your truth” opposed “mine” and we met in a fatal crash of relativistic speed limit interpretations.

Can you imagine if scientists worked by that standard? We’d never have gotten to the moon. “it’s about a million miles…we think…but we only use the rule as a `general guideline’. The moon looks closer by eye, so we trust that more than some `absolute ruler.’”

Obviously we don’t conduct science OR road laws by relativism.

But we ARE told by the world to conduct our lives that way. Paul calls it “the Spirit of lawlessness.” It is the ageless satanic lie that says that you can become your own god.

Now that most of the world is under the influence of this lie, satan has now set his sites on the church. The church has always been most powerful when it has proclaimed the pure Word of God. Satan knows it is his biggest threat.

For hundreds of years, he’s been successful at weakening the church through petty doctrinal differences: methods of baptism, tongues, end-time disputes.

Now, he’s about to go for the jugular. He is seeking to completely destroy the standard of truth – the Word of God – in the house of God.

The Bible is the standard – the linchpin, so to speak – the foundation of truth by which we live. All else – relationships, righteousness, directions and destiny – hinge on it, our ability to stay true to it. God Himself set that linchpin – “Forever, O Lord, Your Word is settled in heaven.” (Ps. 119:89) “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away.” (Mt.24:35) And woe be to those who tamper with it!

But tampering they are, to their own destruction.

Two young people I love dearly attended the same Christian Bible school, where they were subjected to a book that contained a chapter that convincingly argued that the Bible really did NOT condemn homosexuality. Talk about confusing! You go to a Bible School to learn about the Bible, and they undermine the very thing they claim to stand for!

We used to joke about seminaries, calling them “cemeteries” and now I don’t think we were too far off the mark. I will be accused of being anti-intellectual, which is fine. I’ve got to tell you, I’ve rarely seen someone argued into the Kingdom of God. Even the great CS Lewis came to Jesus by a burst of spontaneous revelation riding his bike, not by argument. People come into the Kingdom, not by good ideas, but because God opens their hearts to truth. And yes, there is a place for reasoned argument, as Paul speaks to persuading people. But it always strikes me that although Festus said, “Paul, you almost persuade me to become a Christian”, we don’t know that he ever did.

But my concern isn’t just that we’re too intellectual. In fact, there are too many believers that “only believe” but haven’t a CLUE as to why! I always encourage kids to learn all they can, get all the facts and think sharp so they can “be ready to give an answer to every man for the hope that is within you.” (1 Pet. 3:15) Nevertheless, the rise of Christian intellectual elitism that is pervading many seminaries, Christian media and churches is a concern. I realize I am not a scholar. I can’t argue didactic points (or even tell you what didactic means) or give grand outlines. I’m just a truth-teller. And I expect the world to react negatively to what I say and write. But 90% of the assault I get comes from Christians who think I’m too subjective, too “experiential.” Or, too fundamental”. I get it from both ends. I stand in the middle and believe that experiencing God is totally compatible with 100% faith in the Scriptures. In fact it is only when these things become one dynamic that the Kingdom is truly manifest in power.

But given the option of being too “fundamental” or too “experiential,” based on the dangerous place I see a lot of Christians, I’ll take “fundamental.”

For many, that reads as “Pharisee.” But the Pharisee’s problem wasn’t that they believed the Scriptures; it’s that (a) they added a thousand laws and inferences not there, and (b) They did not grasp the TRUTH of the scriptures; “You search the scriptures, thinking you will find eternal life; but these are they that speak of Me.” (John 5:39)

In other words, they took the Word and tried to make it say what they WANTED it to say. You can’t do that.

I recently had a conversation concerning “Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers.” (2 Cor. 6:14) Someone had told a young person I know that it was referring to business deals, not marriage. (The logic of that, of course, is absurd – implying that God cares more about keeping our business dealings separate from unbelievers, but in the most spiritual human relationship of all – marriage – it doesn’t matter!) I sat in shock, as this young person said this man had been living with an unbeliever, and she later got saved. (Maybe she did. I pray so and rejoice if so.) The young man I spoke to asked if this guy was in trouble; after all, he was doing well, and was financially blessed, his wife got saved – didn’t that indicate God’s blessing?

First, I explained, his finances were irrelevant. Second, I said, he’s in more trouble than he knows. HE BELIEVES A LIE. Rather than take God’s Word at face value concerning not being unequally yoked, he said, “It doesn’t fit how I’m living. I’ve got to see it in a way so I can make it fit my lifestyle.” Peter spoke of those who “twist the scriptures, to their own destruction.” (2 Pet.3:16)

Worse – he was teaching kids the same thing! I would rather be living in abject sinful failure and proclaim, “I may be in sin, but the Word of God is still true”, than to gloss over the scriptures to cover up my violation of it. It’s about integrity to TRUTH.

Anytime we run into scriptures that speak in opposition to cultural sins or our personal ones – we choose to either receive the truth regardless, or we end up twisting what is there to make it support sin.

Never – NEVER – bend the Word of God to fit around your sins or lifestyle. Bend – and break – your own hardened sinful heart and conform to its truth. Fall on the rock and be broken, Jesus said, or it will fall on you and crush you to powder. (Mt. 21:44) “Is not my Word like a rock…like a hammer?” (Jer. 23:29)

If my EXPERIENCE contradicts the scriptures – my experience is wrong. Period. If my way of life contradicts it – my way of life must change. It’s that simple.

I recently read an article by a mother about keeping kids away from the occult. She agreed with all the scriptures against it. Then she explained how they read Harry Potter with their kids, explaining the GOOD, pointing out the bad. (Either make the tree good and its fruit goodf, Jesus said, or make the tree bad and its fruit bad – Matthew 12:33) She did the usual delusional justification of the difference between “real” magic and “fantasy magic.”

Then, in a stunning piece of advice, she tells parents to steer children away from things that were about talking to the dead, divination or spell-casting! She apparently was completely blind to the fact that Potter was FILLED with spell-casting, teachers who were divinators and the DEAD speaking through the living!

This is a perfect example of moving the linchpin even a little. She moved it just a hair – “Well, the scriptures are probably only condemning REAL magic, not fantasy magic…” The next thing you know, she’s so deceived, in one breath she can tell you to avoid occult practices, and in the next, promotes a story FULL of them – without a CLUE to the contradiction! Once you move the linchpin just a little, it’s just the beginning.

Someone told me, “I don’t accept a certain part of the Bible.” I said, “Well, then throw the whole thing in the trash and get it over with. Because if you can’t trust THAT part, why trust ANY of it? How do you know ANY of it is trustworthy if you just throw out what you don’t like?”

NO. Accept it ALL or accept NONE.

That doesn’t mean it’s all easy to understand. Far from it. Many times I feel like I did when I was a child, crying, yelling, staring at math problems and saying, “I DON’T GET IT!!!” How foolish to abandon math, because it does not always make sense to ME, therefore it must not be true. It’s my understanding that is lacking, not the material.

I play a frustrating computer game where you have to combine similar objects to get points. As the clock runs down, I can rarely find the combinations to keep the game running. But it’s THERE. On occasion, I just take a deep breath, relax, and tell myself, “You can find it. It’s right there somewhere.” And there it is. The game didn’t lie; I just couldn’t see what was there.

I’ve always approached the Word of God that way. If I’m confused or don’t get something, I say, “The answer is here. Show me, Father.” And He does. Sometimes the answer was right in front of me, not able to see it without the Holy Spirit’s help.

Math does not lie. It’s fundamental truth. The Word of God does not lie; it is fundamental truth. Change one math fundamental, you produce chaos. Change one little iota of scripture, then spiritual chaos will follow.

In a time when churches and even denominations are trying to remove the linchpin of the Scriptures to justify adultery, homosexuality, occultism, you name it, in a time when “new translations” are hip and seeker-friendly and the “Old” are being buried by them, it is imperative that men and women of God who guard that linchpin nail it in solid, guard it and TEACH it to this generation, who will be the guardians of the Word of God for the generation to come.

As an old preacher once said, “God said it. I believe it. That settles it.” It’s just like that. Anything less is tampering with the Word of God, to our own destruction.

Gregory Reid

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Dealing With the Demonic: Rules of Engagement

The subject of “deliverance” is a hot button topic for believers. What I will write will no doubt fly in the face of the conventional thoughts regarding demons and deliverance. I do not have all the answers, but I want to pass on what I do know, to those who may have ears to hear.

First, I want to make something very clear: I am NOT a “deliverance minister.” Youthfire is NOT a “deliverance ministry” at least not in the way most people have come to think of that term. I have and do deal with occult matters. I have been involved in casting out demons and praying over the demon oppressed. But I’ve also traveled to Indonesia, written books, painted a youth center, done evangelism, and even played Larry the Cucumber. (Do NOT call me for that job again!) I babysit a lot. But that doesn’t mean I am a babysitter by calling. Sometimes I wonder if there is a connection there. You know how it is: Babysit a few times, you get on a list and people assume you are available to do this all the time. And if you do a few deliverances…..

The reason I won’t be tagged as a deliverance ministry is the reason I am WARY of deliverance ministries by and large. Praying for demonized people is surely but only ONE PART of a much bigger calling all of us as believers should have. And once you are known for this, people will be sent to you or come to you in droves, and sometimes keep you from the full measure of ministry God wants you to do.

From that scenario, I have seen two things emerge: One, ministers get overwhelmed, caught up in the deliverance work and completely burn out. As one minister told me, “I never want to see another demonized person as long as I live.” Two, many (though not all) of those who hang out a shingle of “deliverance ministry” have been some of the scariest people I’ve ever seen. If you mean by deliverance the overall healing and setting free of a person, I believe in that. If it is strictly a “demon business”, I see no scripture for that. I have seen the fruit of many of such ministries, and it is chaos, convoluted scripture and messed up lives. I think you understand why I don’t want to be associated with that kind of ministry.

Is there a place for demonized people to get free? Absolutely, yes. It is in the church. Unfortunately, 99% of believers are too terrified of the demonic to do their job, and thus, God has raised up those who are willing. It becomes specialized when it is something we should all be willing to handle if the need arises. “In My Name you shall cast out devils.” (Mark 16:17).

There are two situations in which I will engage the demonic: One, when a demon manifests. Two, when I have been made aware of a situation, and have carefully prayed and gotten God’s go-ahead to become involved.

I believe the first situation is the most frequent and the most Biblical. Wherever Jesus went, demons manifested. They could not stand His presence. I truly believe if we are walking in the Power of God as a church and individuals, this will happen, and we must deal with it when it does.

The second situation is crucial for me. I must know in advance, if someone is brought to my attention, if and when I should engage. I need to be prayed up; I need to be prepared and be sure. Many have been trapped because of getting a reputation for doing deliverance, and before long they are completely overwhelmed. You need to understand that not all demonized people want to be free. And if they do not, they will make the rounds of pastors and ministries and their demons cause havoc.

Let me share, from my own experience over the years, a few essentials concerning deliverance.

We must set the rules and terms of engagement. Sometimes people manifest in church. (expect this to happen more as we approach a time of greater occult involvement in our culture.) We must determine by the Spirit whether to confront, deflect, or move the person into another part of the church to deal with it. A few years ago I was confronted with this situation. It was a large youth outreach at a church. I had just finished giving my testimony and was in the process of leading kids to know Jesus and dedicate their lives to His service, when an ungodly scream came from the congregation and someone fell out of the pew in a demonic fit. Conventional wisdom – as well as “instinct” – would say to deal with it right there – but instead the Spirit urged me to have the elders take the person out and into the prayer room to pray for her. It was crucial, because a moment of eternal consequences was attempted to be sabotaged and we could not allow it.

Sometimes demons are sent to be manifest to create fear, chaos and confusion. Do not let them set the battle. Each situation is different and requires a well-discerned action.

Choose your team carefully.

Deliverance prayer is not a free-for-all. It’s not a time for everyone to “give it a try.” It is a time for order, discipline and unity. Everyone on the team must come CLEANSED. Believe me, you don’t want to carry any sin uncleansed into a deliverance. I have seen and heard too many deliverances where uncleansed private sins get very publicly detailed and exposed by demons who use it to fail the deliverance. But what is CLEANSED is untouchable. Make sure every team member is spiritually strong, humble and ready for anything.

Maintain order.

One person alone should be the “point man.” Everyone else should pray, support and follow that person’s lead. The worst situations I’ve seen are where there is no order at all and the person being prayed for is put through a round-robin of people all wanting to cast the demon out, or worse, everyone yelling at one. (Demons are not deaf. But they do love that kind of attention.) I don’t care who leads, but if I am called to lead, everyone else MUST follow that lead and back me up. If someone else leads, it is my responsibility to pray, back them up and only engage if called on to do so.

Stay focused.

It is not for us to dialogue with demons. Part of their strategy, because they are desperate to maintain their dwelling in the person, is to engage you in conversation. Do not fall for it. If you begin to speak to them, they will twist you, intrigue you, lie to you and wear you out. Your ONLY communication should be the steady and unbending demand for their expulsion. NOTHING ELSE.

Whatever you think you’ve learned from the last deliverance, put it on the back burner. This is a whole new situation. You are dealing with demons that are older than you can fathom. God has NOT required you to match wits with them. You are only to expel them, not with methods or what you learned before or from some book, but with the pure power of God alone. Make sure your team is not made up of people who have their own ideas based on books or “deliverance manuals.” They will only cause division and chaos.

Recently, a well-meaning person who brought a woman with epilepsy cornered me to engage my help in casting demons out of her. I declined. He had already decided that epilepsy = possession. Such assumptions are dangerous and can result in terrible harm, and on rare occasions, even death. I cannot bide that. All epilepsy and sickness is not the result of possession. Multiple personality disorder is not the result of demons. (Though sometimes they may be demonized.) Schizophrenia (healable by God) is not demons but a quantifiable medical brain condition. I have even met occultists who were saved and were not possessed! (They did, however, need deliverance from oppression and occult ties of the past.) I have also witnessed, for example, a good church going lady who came to an outdoor rally I was speaking at and she began to

”preach” from Revelations right in the middle of my message – loudly, crazily, disrupting the whole evening – as demonized as anyone I’ve ever seen. We simply cannot afford to “assume” what we are dealing with. Assume NOTHING but that it is God’s intention to deliver the demon bound, and that we have been given the authority to do so. Perhaps terminology hangs us up too much. The Bible does not use the term possessed, but “demonized.” And demonization can be anything from oppressive headaches to full-blown takeover. Let’s not get too hung up over words here.

Having read numerous “deliverance manuals” I can pretty confidently recommend that you don’t bother with them. There IS no “formula” deliverance.

Know your authority.

“You” do not cast out the demons. It is JESUS IN YOU. They fear you not one whit. In fact they could crush you without God’s protection. Do not allow ONE OUNCE of arrogance, either in you or in your team, when you walk into that room. Let it be only, “It is JESUS who commands you to leave. It is HIS Name, HIS Blood and HIS Power that demands that you leave.” The minute you forget that it is only HIS authority they fear, you become like a uniformless, badge-less police officer in the middle of a gunfight trying to convince them to stop.

A few additional points:

– Do not fear either the devil or the demonic. Fear cuts those in need off from those who could set them free. It is the devil and demons who truly fear Jesus in US. Even a child who speaks the Name of Jesus cam make all hell tremble and every demon flee.

Do not become “interested” in knowing about the demonic realm. Except for Neil Anderson’s books, everything else I have read is either useless, wrong or dangerous – or all three. All you need in order to be able to accomplish the job is an intimate relationship with Jesus, a solid knowledge of the Word of God, humility and availability.

DO NOT tackle a situation alone. Always work with a team, and have plenty of prayer covering besides.

Treat deliverance as just one aspect of all Jesus has called us to do and to be.

There is little doubt that we are living in an age of unprecedented demon influence, which is resulting in vast numbers of demonized people. Be ready for anything. And do not be afraid. This is part of the church’s job, and we need to stop relegating it to a few because the majority are afraid and unprepared. Obeying Mark is for us all.
Dr. Gregory R Reid


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Timing and Obedience


There are two kinds of time according to the Scriptures. One is Chronos, which is the linear, point-A-to-point-B time we experience as humans, and mark with clocks, calendars and dates.

The other is Kairos – God’s time. In very oversimplified terms, it’s God’s eternal invading and intersecting of our human Chronos time.

As believers, the measure of our brief lives will be the obedience we gave to God, and our responses to the Kairos moments, when His eternal plans and purposes and Voice intersected and interrupted our Chronos lives. What we do in those moments determines the value of the lives we’ve led, and the eternal reward and destiny we will have.

Jesus, in His 3 ½ years of ministry (and really, His whole life) walked in Kairos. People were constantly trying to pull him into Chronos living and Chronos activities. “Your time is always,” Jesus said. You want what you want, when you want it, how you want it. “Be our king! Show us a miracle! Prove you are the Messiah!”

When they saw a king to free them from Rome’s tyranny, Jesus saw the cross that was going to free us from the tyranny of sin. When they sought a miracle to prove he was the Messiah, He said the only miracle he was going to give them was three days dead and then Resurrection life.

He only did what He saw the Father doing. And while people paved a road for Him to be king, He followed a blood-soaked trail to be crucified. Man’s Chronos demanded of Jesus that their ideas of freedom from slavery under Rome be addressed. But Jesus walked ONLY in the Father’s Kairos, and from the beginning, He knew it would not be the road to success, but to DEATH.

You know, it’s only recently that it occurred to me that Satan was NOT pro-crucifixion. In fact, it was the devil who attempted to get Jesus to AVOID the cross by offering him kingship if he would only bow down to him…just once…come on, just a little Jesus, take the shortcut to Glory…take the easy way…

But Jesus knew that His PURPOSE was the cross. He came to DIE. And then to rise again.

That’s why when Jesus was rebuked by Peter (can you imagine the audacity?) saying, “You can’t go to Jerusalem to die! God forbid!” that Jesus didn’t say, “You’re right, of course. Thanks, Peter” but rather said, “GET BEHIND ME, SATAN!” Why? Because Satan didn’t WANT Jesus to be crucified! He KNEW something bad was coming for him, because Jesus was DELIBERATELY walking toward death on the cross!

I’m not saying Satan didn’t revel in Jesus’ torture and suffering and death, because he IS a sadistic monster that cannot HELP but feed on pain and bloodshed – but he did so likely in spite of his dread in knowing that Jesus CHOSE the cross – and that couldn’t be good news for Satan’s kingdom!

“Put away the sword,” Jesus said to Peter. “Don’t you know I could call down 12 legions of angels, if I wanted to be rescued? But this is how the scriptures will be fulfilled!”

“Now my soul is troubled,” Jesus said. “And what shall I say? `Father, save me from this hour’? BUT FOR THIS PURPOSE I CAME TO THIS HOUR. Father, glorify Your Name.” (John 12:26-28.

He came to die. That was God’s plan – and nothing could deter Him. Nothing did.

My spiritual mother once gave me a beautiful picture of God’s dealings. “Look at the back of a tapestry,” she said. “It’s all threads and knots and is not pretty and makes no sense. But turn it over. Look how beautiful it is on the other side! We’re living underneath God’s tapestry for our lives. Sometimes all we see is the ugly side and the things that make no sense. But HE is weaving a masterpiece of beauty in our lives, and one day, we will see it.”

God’s ways are higher than ours, His thoughts are higher. He sees the END. That is why trust and faith in His timing and His ways are so important to Him. We only see our needs, the things and people around us, the things of Chronos time. He sees it ALL. Faith asks that we trust Him, for all that we do not see – in all that we do not understand. And, faith asks that we give up the need to know. We always say, “Well, it will make sense later.” Sometimes, yes – sometimes, never. Not in this life, anyway. Amy Carmichael said, “The end will explain all things.” In this life, we may never understand the painful weavings, the sharp needle of a suffering, the snapping of a thread of relationship through circumstance or death. But we can know that though we may NOT know in this life the “purpose” of a thing, God has promised – Romans 8:28 – that He is at work in ALL things to produce good – if we trust Him.

When difficult things come, we are taught to fight, rebuke, bind, etc. And sometimes we should. But often difficulties are God’s tools to produce a greater thing. And it is HOW WE RESPOND in the difficult things that determine the value of that work of God in us.

Joshua was a young man who grew up under Moses and became one of his most valued right hand men. He served under him for many years. There may have been moments when he thought, “Moses is old. I’m watching my best years go by. I can probably lead the people as well as he does…” But rather than allow the discontent of human understanding and Chronos to motivate or even embitter him, he trusted God’s Kairos, and when the time came, he was ready, and prepared, and able to do all God asked of him. Had he let discontent and lack of trust move him, he may have tried a coup and ended up in the pit with the others who tried to rebel against Moses – and God’s ways and timing. He waited on God’s time. He was rewarded.

Elisha must have chafed under servanthood to Elijah. He left all he had – career, family and friends, to….wash Elijah’s hands. A woman’s job, by the way. You KNOW he was losing man- points for that when his old friends found out! But he stayed faithful, even though this was NOT what he expected. He trusted God – and His Kairos time. And when the time came – Elisha was given a DOUBLE PORTION of Elijah’s spirit, because he was faithful in the little things, even in the things that he didn’t understand.

Many of us sign on with God thinking, “I’ll get this, and that, and do this, and go there” and end up disappointed and hurt and even embittered because we didn’t get what we wanted or expected. We should have read the fine print of discipleship. It’s not an employment opportunity that we sign on for to get great benefits. It’s a draft notice where we sign our lives away to His service.

Yes, there are extraordinary benefits! But it’s not a negotiated contract. It’s a death warrant to our flesh, our old lives.

But oh, the glory of the surrendered life of trust! HIS choices, not mine. HIS will, HIS leading, HIS plan. The blessings of that road surpass anything we could have designed for ourselves.

I was going to be a politician. God said, “You’re going into MY service.” I was going to enroll in a local college. God said, “You’re going to Christ for the Nations in Dallas.”

I was going to be world-famous evangelist.

God said, “You will serve me in dark corners, forgotten places, bloody battlefields, and will live largely in obscurity.”

I was going to change the world for Jesus.

God said, “You will be used to change the hearts of lost and forgotten ones no one knows even exist.”

Has my life turned out like I wanted? Not even close. Would I have it different? Not for all the treasures, fame and acclaim the world could ever give.

Sometime after one of my big dreams was shattered – I had been set up to be exposed to the largest Christian radio audience in the world, then, without explanation, dropped …

…I found myself at a middle school church camp, signed up because a tiny church in New Mexico didn’t have a youth pastor and they needed someone to go with their kids…

Our cabin was the worst on the campground. Broken curfews, fights, kicked out of worship…making me wonder at first if God was punishing me for some unrepented-of sin or misdeed.

That is, until God interjected several other kids from other churches that had no room for them in their cabins, and they ended up in our cabin. And I fell in love. One had extreme asthma and I had to watch him to make sure he was ok and got his medication. One was a big kid, who, I was told, had something wrong with him – no one knew what – but if he was cornered or made fun of, he’d go violent…

…and one autistic boy of about 11 who connected with NOBODY.

One day, two kids brought Jimmy to me. “He had an `accident’, they told me, and left him with me. This poor boy had completely lost control of his bodily functions and was standing there covered and soaked in humiliation. He looked like he just had gone into another world to avoid the humiliation he was feeling – and who could blame him? I loved the kids who brought him to me and who did not shame him. I took him back to the cabin, got him to the shower, had him hand me his soiled clothes, helped him into clean clothes and sent him back to the others. I wept as I washed his dirty clothes. I felt a love and compassion for Jimmy so deep it broke my heart.

That night at worship, Jimmy came over, sat next to me, put his head in my lap and slept.

And I understood. “Inasmuch as you have done it to the least of these, my brethren, you have done it unto Me.” I didn’t have to be Mega Christian. And, I no longer wanted to be. I wanted THIS. To be with the least, whom to God are the princes and princesses that are to be at the head of His banqueting table.

If I had said, “I don’t want to go, it’s beneath my ministry gifting,” think of what I would have lost. Notice I said what I would have lost, not Jimmy. Because the reality was, instead of leaving thinking, “God must love this boy a lot to send me to him from my busy anointed life,” I left broken, thinking, “God must really love me and trust me to ask me to serve one of His most loved children like this.”

Sometimes I think of Stephen, cut down in his adolescence by the murdering consent of Saul of Tarsus. He would not know the joys of a full life: a wife, children, career, dreams.

No, Stephen was picked to be a waiter. (Acts 6:8) But he didn’t need a big ministry or a public platform; God did wonders and signs through him in his common job – one we’re not trained to aspire to in modern Christian ministry. Notice how most prophecies are, “You’re going to be great! You’ll stand before kings! You’re going to be influential and wealthy!” Not, “God called you to be a waiter, and He’s going to do mighty things through your obedience in your daily job!”

Stephen trusted God’s Kairos time, and His career choice! And he obeyed. And when the moment came, he gave an epic sermon – an entire 53 verse chapter – and then was killed. But friends, even Jesus stood up to see this and welcome him Home! “I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God!” Stephen proclaimed before he was stoned. Jesus – who SITS at the right hand of God – STOOD to receive this young hero as he gave up his life.

I promise you, he did not regret his choices. What to us might seem a human tragedy, was woven into heaven’s tapestry and was a glorious and eternal TRIUMPH!

I would rather labor and walk under circumstances that humanly make no sense, if I could have a STEPHEN MOMENT that would define all God has made me for – one brilliant comet streaking through the darkness of this sinful world, then gone – than to have all the earthly success in the world with no eternal definition of my life at the end.

Trust God’s eternal timing. Trust His ways. Never ask, “Why?” Always ask, “What for?” Not ONE THREAD of His dealings or our circumstance will be lost or useless – every one of them is going to make a beautiful tapestry of glory that will last for eternity.

Gregory Reid

My life is but a weaving

between my Lord and me;

I cannot choose the colors,

He worketh steadily.

Oft times He weaveth sorrow,

And I, in foolish pride,

Forget He sees the upper,

And I the under side.

Not ’til the loom is silent

and the shuttles cease to fly,

Shall God unroll the canvas

and explain the reason why.

The dark threads are as needful

in the Weaver’s skillful hand,

As the threads of gold and silver

in the pattern He has planned.

He knows, He loves, He cares,

nothing this truth can dim.

He gives His very best to those

who leave the choice with Him.

~Author Unknown

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A New Year in Perilous Times

Welcome to 2013! Obviously the Mayan calendar was much ado about nothing, and as usual, the media wags its tail and we blindly follow.

These times are some of the most treacherous I have witnessed for believers. The astonishing thing is, the closer we get to the fulfillment of all the biblical prophecies concerning the last days and the return of Jesus, the more “believers” in the evangelical Western church are abandoning the truth concerning eschatology and replacing it with a Brian McLaren-style “high hopes” theology that sees things getting BETTER and those that believe we are headed toward crisis of epic proportions as an obstacle to world peace. (The latest entry being Jonathan Welton and “Raptureless.”) Hard to swallow in light of the scriptures’ clear proclamations, but then, it’s also a fulfillment of the Word: ” knowing this first: that scoffers will come in the last days, walking according to their own lusts, and saying, “Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation.” (2 Peter 3:2-4)

We are experiencing an unprecedented time in which violence is once again filling the earth as in the days of Noah. We are experiencing a worldwide revival of Islam and all its attendant conflicts, wars and domination.

We are experiencing a complete shattering of biblical values and walls. From gay marriage to the acceptance of Mormonism as just another Christian denomination, we have come to a place where we are willing to bend to culture in order to “reach” culture, producing a church culture than has neither power nor message to change lives through the resurrection power of Jesus Christ by His Spirit.

I understand that the church in China is thriving, though. The Son rises on the east…even as it appears the sun is setting for the Western church.

So how then shall we live? In the light of the recent horrible calamities, mass murders of children and meltdown of all social boundaries, what should believers do? What believers have always done in crisis: focus on what matters, proclaiming the real Gospel of Jesus Christ, cost what it may. We have drifted for far too long, watching the deterioration of the spiritual fabric of the Western evangelical church, waiting to see what will happen. I know what will happen: In the last days there will be a falling away, and a deception so strong that if possible, even the elect will be deceived. Anyone who doubts we are there is clearly not paying any attention. The enemy of our souls has been downplayed and dismissed as mere folklore, and he is stronger now than he ever has been, because we are suffering from an absence of spiritual warriors who know what is at stake and know what to do.

This year will be a year for preparation both spiritually and physically. I urge everyone to do everything they can to get free of debt. And it wouldn’t hurt to have a few week’s supply of food and necessities. It’s not survivalist – it’s common sense, especially in the light of recent disasters our country has faced.

Spiritually, dig in. Make solid your commitment to the Word of God as God’s trustworthy and perfect word. Do not be deceived by the many unbiblical books and new “Bibles” that bear little resemblance to the original Word of God. Stand fast; be watchmen. Put your feet on solid ground, and do not be moved, neither by man nor circumstance.

I am neither a pessimist nor an optimist. I am merely doing what I have been called to do from the beginning – being a watchman and reporting what I see and hear.

He who has ears, let him hear.

In His Grace,

Gregory Reid
January 3, 2013

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Denying The Devil

There are some Christians who are obsessed with the devil. Their lives are wrapped up in what he’s doing – not in what Jesus did. But frankly, they are in the minority. Most Christians I know don’t give satan a second thought. In fact, according to a Barna poll, the majority of people in the US who call themselves Christians do not believe in the devil or the Holy Spirit. It is to that I must speak.

I came to know Jesus by direct revelation. I was delivered from the world of the occult and demons because Jesus Himself appeared to me – or rather, He took me to Himself in heaven. I do not say that lightly – it is the absolute truth before God.

My battle to be free of demons was real. The confrontation to demand my full release was not a fantasy. And since that time nearly 32 years ago, that battle has continued in the lives God has brought to me to help deliver from their evil grip. They have made it clear, both in invisible action and visible confrontation, that if they could destroy me utterly, they would. They have tried, and only by God’s mercy, they have failed. But the battle has never ceased.

The Holy Spirit is a real Person. He has comforted and instructed me from the beginning. I dare not engage satanic forces without Jesus’ authority or the power of the Holy Spirit. After all, Jesus cast out demons – and commanded us to do the same.

We stand on the cusp of one of the greatest outpourings of demonic forces in history. And where does the church stand in this country? If the statistics are our indicator, then it appears we are powerless, denying that demons and the devil are even real – or if they are, so what? Just accentuate the positive.

Why should we be concerned? Because the occult is permeating everything around us: TV, movies, music, games, and education. Now, if you don’t believe in the Bible, or just the portions you like, you can stop reading now. But if you do believe in the whole Bible as God’s Word, then you understand that not only is all occult practice (little or big) forbidden, but also that the occult world is owned by demonic spirits, and that practicing the occult results in oppression and often demonization. That means that an increasing number of kids and adults who come to church have this influence. And we aren’t prepared to deal with it. Frankly, we don’t know how.

I have been fishing around the Internet lately in Christian “apologetic” groups. They seem to be made up of the same “like-minded” people who deny ritual abuse and the dangers of the occult, the same ones who have labored so diligently to silence the voices of those who sound the warning cry. Many of these people are the same ones who have, in effect, wiped out the playing field. With the exception of perhaps Neil Anderson, author of the Bondage Breakers, and a handful of tiny ministries, the standard that opposed occultism and its influence has been taken down and shredded. Call it a preemptive strike to ensure the church is powerless and helpless against what is coming.

I am not suggesting we should obsess over the devil. I certainly don’t. But ignore his plan at your own peril. (1 Peter 5:8)

It was common for the New Testament church and leaders to be confronted with demons and the occult. (Acts 8:18-24, Acts 14; 11-14, acts 16:16-18, etc.) Jesus said this would be part of our work. (Mark 16:17-18). If you truly live a Spirit-filled life, you will confront this. And if you minister to broken, addicted people, this may also be part of it.

Instead of equipping and preparing believers to do so, the new wave of Christian intellectuals and apologetic elitists are not only downplaying – sometimes even denying – the existence of the demonic kingdom, they are determined to minimize, criticize and dismiss anyone or anything that promotes the need for “spiritual warfare.”

If our battle, as Paul said, is not against flesh and blood, but against powers, principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places, (Eph. 6:12) then the war is not against philosophies, principles, and secular worldviews in high places. We are fighting an intelligent, invisible army. Even the Archangel Michael contended with their warlords. (Daniel 10:13) These real demons and princes of hell did not go away in the New Testament. They are firmly entrenched against us NOW.

And the tragedy is, their strategy has been to get believers to ignore them, deny their existence, dismiss their weapons and compromise our congregations with occultic cancers. And they have succeeded with barely a protest from the Christian world at large. Once the doors of compromise were opened through the media, music and literature and Christians stopped being concerned about Harry Potter, Halloween, Buffy, psychic hotlines and a host of other occult influences, we surrendered more territory than you can imagine. That’s why Wicca is the fastest growing religion among youth: We denied the seriousness of both occult powers and the need for God’s power in our lives, and the inherent recognition of the supernatural as real and needed by youth and in youth was dismissed – and a whole generation of kids began following the only options left to them – the occult, witchcraft and satanic practices.

In denying the reality of the devil and ignoring him, we’ve played into his hands perfectly. Because the devil, if you ignore him, will be as quiet as a church mouse. He won’t disturb your peace as long as you don’t disturb him. But if you once shine the light of truth on our compromises, you will see him as plain as day – and you will have his full attention. And you had better be armored to fight when you do.

Demonic armies are like spiritual “sleeper cells”- they are among us – hidden in our compromises, our false security and our powerless Christian walks. They avoid obvious “September 11” type strikes. All their poison is coated in honey. And they ridicule, along with those Christian intellectual elitists, anyone who says they are real, or try to expose them. We’re our own Tokyo Rose.

So what do we do? We must wake up adults and equip our youth and children. The greatest preparation we can give our kids is the Power of God and His Anointing to storm hell’s gates. We must teach them “not to be ignorant of satan’s devices”; we must give them basic bootcamp on the enemy’s ways. Then we must make them recognize the war for the lost and bound – that we are not called to be comfortable and happy, but each is called to the fight to redeem the lost.

We must make them know their purpose, and the Power of God to fulfill it. We must make them proactive, reactive, and scrappy little soldiers ready and willing to take the world on for Jesus and to defeat the “sleeper cells” of spiritual compromise in our midst and in the world.

We have a long way to go. To fail to try is to insure our defeat by default, and we will remain an emasculated and irrelevant social club rather than the mighty army God has called us to be.

Dr. Gregory Reid


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How The Media Deals With Ritual Abuse: A Cautionary Tale

I have learned to distrust the media through hard experience of being conned into interviews, only to have my words chopped or used against me. Only once, while participating in a week long special on satanism called “Children in Satan’s Shadow” for KMID in Midland, Texas, was everything done above-board, honorably and with great care for the truth.

Others have learned this the hard way as well. I recently found a posting by my friend Lauren Stratford that she had written several years before her death after she had been lured into an interview on assurances it would “help survivors” and once she took the bait, they took off the mask and showed their true colors. ( I was one of her support persons in the devastating aftermath of the interview. Reading this years later, I am astonished at the clarity and accuracy of her retelling of what she had told me after the fact.) It serves as not just a good cautionary tale for those survivors who would consider going public, but also includes some good guidelines to keep them safe if they do decide to do so. This letter is posted from the International Council on Cultism and Ritual Trauma:


by Lauren Stratford

In October of 1992, I received a phone call from a friend of mine in Great Britain. “Oh Lauren!” Her voice sounded excited as she continued. “Listen, a Christian man who is host of the Panorama TV program on the BBC is coming up to my house to interview me. His name is Martin Bashir. He’s doing a program on Satanism, and he said that he would do an interview that would vindicate me.” (My friend, who works with survivors of ritual abuse, has continually been the subject of ongoing harsh criticism in the media.)

Not many days later, I received another phone call from my British friend. This time, her voice sounded frantic. “Lauren, Mr. Bashir just left. He tricked me. He never intended to vindicate me. He tore me apart in the interview. Watch out, Lauren. He’s on his way to the United States. Don’t let him interview you. He’ll do the same to you.”

Sure enough, not many days later, I received a call from this man, and, of course, he used the same line on me that he had used on my friend. I told him that I knew what he had done to my friend in Great Britain and that I wasn’t about to let the same thing happen to me. But, after a couple of calls later, he convinced me that he was on the up and up and would I at least talk to him in a no recording and no filming casual talk about whatever message I wanted to give to survivors? I finally consented. After all, I decided, what harm could be in that?

I chose a place that was wide open where people could see us. It was a park that was a square block of flat land with few trees. Mr. Bashir met me where I parked my car. On our way to the picnic bench where we would sit and talk, he noticed something in my hand. In a concerned tone of voice, he asked me if the thing I was carrying in my hand was a recorder and was I going to record our informal talk? In hindsight, I should have seen a red flag go up, but at the time, I saw it only as a benign observation and question. “No, this isn’t a recorder,” I responded. “It’s a cellular phone.” I’ve learned my lesson well. I should have brought a recorder. Too late now, at least for this interview.

For over an hour we sat in the hot sun at a picnic bench and discussed the plight of survivors, how they were not being believed by some, how they were being discredited, how desperately they needed to be accepted and helped, and most importantly, what needed to be done for survivors so they could have a place where their healing from their nightmare of memories could begin.

Interspersed between our verbal exchanges, Mr. Bashir kept saying words to the effect, “Oh, Lauren, I can think of no one better to speak to survivors than you. You can reach them better than anyone I know. All I need is twenty minutes of your time. Just twenty minutes. You’ll have the opportunity to help scores of survivors.”

Still I was hesitant. Mr. Bashir then held his head in his hands and said woefully, “I’m in such a bind, Lauren. Catherine (a psychologist and a dear friend of mine) is too busy to be interviewed. I was depending on her input as well. What am I going to do? I need you so badly. Please help me,” he pleaded.

This man was as smooth as melted butter. He was soft-spoken and, worst of all, he was so convincing. Even though I had come to just talk to this man about we who are survivors and not to do a filmed interview, I finally gave in to his pleadings.

One thing I have learned about survivors is that we have an innate desire to show the world how normal we really are and that somehow, if we try hard enough, we can convince our critics that ritual abuse does happen.

“All right. I’ll let you interview me, but,” I emphasized, “if you begin to mess with me like you did my friend in Great Britain, I’m going to get up and leave.” Somehow, I felt that I had given him sufficient warning that he had better “fly right”…NOT!

I met Mr. Bashir about two hours later in a small hotel room across from the park. There was only a video camera, a camera man, a sound man, Mr. Bashir and myself. I asked Mr. Bashir is he had a contract for me to sign. All the television programs I’ve done for the United States networks have made sure I signed a contract before any filming was begun. He said we didn’t need one. That was red flag number two which I also ignored. But I had hastily prepared a contract which read in part:

1. A copy of the Panorama program on Satanism will be sent to me in VCR form within the week that the program is aired (which was to be less than one month after my interview).

2. This program will not be shown on any other network other than the BBC without my written permission.

Even though Mr. Bashir acted impatient and irritated, he reluctantly signed one of the copies. I asked him to sign the other copy. He said he didn’t need one. I informed him that I needed him to sign a second copy so he would have one. He hastily scribbled his name on the second copy and handed it to his sound man.

The interview began. Or, I should more aptly say, the infamous interview began, for it was more like a personal interrogation, not a helpful interview for survivors. Mr. Bashir leaned down, picked up a large notebook and put it on his lap. Upon opening it, I saw pages of handwriting. Unfortunately, I was to learn all too soon what the handwriting was about. Suddenly, the look on Mr. Bashir’s face changed and his words were no longer like melted butter. He leaned back in his chair and began.

There were no questions about or inquiries into the plight of survivors. In fact, survivors were never mentioned in a favorable or a believable light for the entire interview. Not one thing Mr.Bashir and I talked about for over one hour in the park was even mentioned. It became obvious to me that his sole intention all along was to discredit me and the stories of all the survivors.

At one point nearing the end of the interview, Mr. Bashir said, “I put it to you that you’re not telling the truth.” I was so stunned by this accusation that I didn’t know what to say to him. “You could admit you weren’t,” he responded. “But that wouldn’t be the truth,” I replied.

This type of questioning went on for twenty-five minutes. I finally mustered all the courage I could find within myself and said, “Mr. Bashir, we just talked in the park for over an hour about how my interview was to solely be on how to help survivors.” At that point, Mr. Bashir took off his microphone and said, “I have nothing more to say. This interview is over.” He was not interested in anything more. He got what he wanted, and he was through with me. I walked out of the room feeling not only devastated and in a state of shock, but once again, I felt that I had been victimized.

As I drove home, I sobbed. I kept hearing the pre-interview warning I had given to Mr. Bashir: “If you mess with me like you did with my friend in Great Britain, I’ll walk out.” But I know that if I had torn off my microphone and stomped out of the room in a huff, it would have given a sign to the viewers that I couldn’t take the heat. Once I got into the interview, no matter how unethical it was, it was good that I remained calm and gave clear and definitive answers to the devastating questions of the interviewer. I held my own, and for that, I am proud. But I was crushed. My support team rallied around me and kept me in one piece. The words, “hurt”, “angry”, “devastated”, “humiliated”, and “betrayed”, don’t begin to describe the host of feelings that overwhelmed me for weeks after.

I waited for the video. It never came. I wrote letters of protest to the deputy editor of Panorama, to the Director General and to the Secretary of the British Broadcasting Commission. (The British Broadcasting Commission is an independent statutory body to consider and adjudicate specific types of complaints about radio and television programs.) I finally heard from the deputy editor of Panorama which read, “…Mr. Bashir does not recognize the picture you paint of it [the matters I raised]. In my view the discussions prior to, and the interview itself, were carried out in accordance with our normal practice.” I responded, in part, that either Mr. Bashir was lying or that he had an early onset of Alzheimer’s disease.!

The video still didn’t come, even after three months after the program was aired. I heard from a friend in Australia who wrote that she had just watched an interview of me on a program called Panorama on ABC (the Australian Broadcasting Company). She called the interview, “ghastly”.

By this time, both clauses in the contract had been broken, and I felt that it was time for my attorney to step in. He sent a letter to the Broadcasting Complaints Commission along with copies of the nine letters I had written, mentioning that “one of my client’s rights was litigation.” Almost immediately, I received a video of the Panorama program on Satanism. As I viewed it, I saw that most of the program was about how therapists get children to admit to acts of ritual abuse by asking them leading questions and by coercing them into saying things they didn’t want to say and things that weren’t true.

At one point, Mr. Bashir even accused the United States in the past four years of bringing our “propaganda” of ritual abuse to Great Britain via American training videos and written materials. And it was then, and only then, that such stories of ritual abuse began to pop up in Great Britain.

Only one pro-survivor statement in the entire program was allowed. Geoffrey Dickens, a conservative Member of Parliament said that these cases of ritual abuse were widespread and were going on in most towns in the United Kingdom. Mr. Dicken’s statement was given no response.

My attorney and I then received a letter from the Broadcasting Complaints Commission saying that the Commission was “entertaining” my allegation “that I was unfairly treated because I would not have participated had I not been mislead about the nature and purpose of the filmed interview I gave for it.” At the time of this writing, the case is still in this stage.

What have I learned from this experience? What I have learned I pass on to you who are survivors and who are approached by the media for interviews.

1. If you have any hesitation about granting an interview, follow your instincts. Do not ignore red flags.

2. If possible, always do a pre-interview with the interviewer or whomever is sent to represent him or her.

3. Always record the pre-interview and the interview itself.

4. Always have a trusted and informed person with you at both the pre-interview and the interview – preferably, the same person.

5. Always read contracts carefully. If you do not understand something, ask for it to be explained.

6. Know that you are in charge. You do not have to answer questions with which you are uncomfortable.

7. If you are in your beginning steps of healing, make sure that your healing remains your priority. Nothing supersedes that! You are the most important equation in your healing process. Compliance with the media, be it newspaper, magazine, television or radio ranks a far second below your healing.

8. Always discuss with your therapist, your pastor or whomever you trust whether or not they feel it is safe for you to grant an interview. We have been taught to get a second opinion on matters concerning our physical health. Why should it be any different with matters concerning our emotional health?

In spite of the caution we still must heed,

the tide has turned.

There are too many of us now who have come out.

We will be heard!


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Between Conspiracy and Crime: Learning Lessons From The Past and Restrategizing for the Future


Conspiracy: A combination of men for an evil purpose; an agreement, between two or more persons, to commit a crime in concert, as treason; a plot.

It has been a long and slippery road since my first involvement in investigating and researching occult crimes in 1987. Everything seemed very simplistic then, and we had no want of information, crimes or cases to work on.

I have learned some difficult lessons since then, lessons that are vital for anyone seeking to do this work in the new Millennium.

No one in this field expected the massive backlash that began in 1989. Certainly, there were nay sayers and critics of our work; but the work spoke for itself. Det. Larry Jones of Boise ID PD released several years of monthly newsletters documenting – carefully, I must add – real satanic crime and activities. This unique law enforcement & professional publication was unprecedented in its subject matter and unchallenged in its information – fair, constitutionally protective of religious rights, and objective – its only challenge came from those who felt ANY investigative work in this field was bigotry and hate mongering. After the FIle 18 Newsletter mailing list was accessed, and addressees were sent letters threatening lawsuits, monitoring, hexes, curses, etc. if we didn’t watch our step and get all our facts straight, it was apparent that this was a taste of things to come.

But we were not really prepared for it when it did come. Most of us, by 1990, were already overloaded and nearing burnout. When it did come, it came in a Tsunami of criticism, ridicule, threatened lawsuits, and a massive media blitz designed to convince John Q. Public that all the “hoopla” about satanic crime was simply hype, false memories, “satanic panic” and “village folklore.” Before it was over, few of us would survive with our mission intact.

Those of us who remain – as well as those who had to leave the fight – know that what we were facing was a real and serious crime subculture. Except for the one or two who later came to believe it was “much ado about nothing”, my recent conversations with many of the “old guard” indicate that there has been no change in the core belief that we were engaging a stealth, and deadly, cancer that in the end, simply evaded and outwitted us. And still does. But what hasn’t changed is the belief that the need for ongoing training, intelligence and investigation into dangerous occult-related groups and individuals is still crucial.

Because satanic crime has left the media spotlight doesn’t mean it has gone away. Rather, it has simply gone unreported – sometimes unrecognized – and unfortunately, when it IS recognized and reported, the skeptics are scrambled into position to say it’s not satanic before you can say “pentagram.”

I don’t presume to know the motive of those who are so quick to jump on these events to “prove” it has nothing to do with satanism. What I do know is that it has made our job increasingly difficult. Because I truly believe we have merely seen a public lull in these events (it seems to be cyclical in the way it surfaces in the public eye) I believe it is imperative that we learn from the last fifteen years, see where we misstepped, see the bigger picture, and regroup in order to be ready when the next wave comes. I would like to see – both for the “old guard” and the “new kids on the block” – our efforts become bulletproof – or, at least, harder to penetrate.

Where We Went Wrong

1. Lack of unified information and networking.

One of the huge snags in our work was lack of coordinated effort. Information is everything – and far too often, we found that we simply lacked the unified network to relay information in a timely and uniform manner. Unfortunately, part of this was due to the provincialism and protectionism of some departments that simply did not want to share their intel with other departments outside their jurisdiction. And when information got the attention of the FBI, generally it went right into the “informational black hole” of that department, where information is known for going in, and never being seen again. And this leads to a second semi-related problem we faced:

2. One man shows and one-upmanship.

Occult crime was a “hot topic” at one time. Unfortunately, a number of people in law enforcement, professional groups and religious settings grabbed up some general information, added their own spin and took their show on the road as “occult experts.” ( We should always be extremely cautious of ANYONE who calls themselves an “expert” in this field. Experts don’t bill themselves that way if they are credible, in my opinion.) Then, these same “experts” began to bad-mouth other investigators and researchers – mainly, anyone who wasn’t them. Over and over, good cases went sour because one of these “experts” decided to hogtie the case themselves, excluding good and valuable individuals that could have been of immeasurable help. In these kinds of crimes, cooperation with others with expertise and coordinated effort is critical. More than a few times, we failed to make that happen. Whether people did this because they were looking for a “career-making case” or simply because of raw ego, I don’t know. But there is no room in this work for those who have to be the “star of the show”.

Along that line, I became aware in the mid 1990’s that we were starting to engage in a weird kind of occult “show and tell” in after-conference hours. I personally was subtly disinvited to one such meeting, where several officers and experts spent the evening bartering for the best occult crime slides and paraphernalia. I realized we had begun to lose the thread. A friend of mine said, “There is no limit to what a man can achieve as long as he doesn’t care who gets the credit.” If we don’t go in with that attitude, we’ve lost before we’ve begun. It is, after all, “not about us” – but about innocent lives being destroyed. There’s no room for grandstanding in this work.

3. One-course experts.

Admittedly, many of us came into this work naive and learning. And we had to learn fast how wide and vast the field was, and be willing to adjust, change and clarify as we went along. However, a number of people attended one or two cult crime classes and took off like a bat out of purgatory, billing themselves as experts and ruining a lot of good opportunities in the process. An associate of mine and I joked recently that one of the earmarks of a one-course experts is if they speak about “SA-TONIC” crime. Or if they still refer to Metallica as a devil-worshiping rock group. I’m trying to make light of a very serious problem, and that problem is that skeptics and “the other side” are watching every word we say and every step we publicly make, and we cannot give them any room for discounting us because our information is flaky, half-researched or borrowed from others. I am constantly researching, deleting some outdated elements of my training, asking questions, and updating my information. This is crucial to being relevant, factual and helpful in an already difficult area of work. We owe it to our audiences and classes to be as close to the mark as we can on what we present.

Which leads me to one of the most common criticisms of what we do: As one writer said, “These ‘experts’ are using the same old ‘signs and symbols of the occult’ that were presented as ‘danger signs of satanic crime’ a decade ago.”

I admit to being one of these people. While I have updated a lot of the signs and symbols I present, most of them remain the same for the simple reason that classic occultism rarely changes its symbology. Some of the symbols we use date back for centuries, some several centuries. Their meaning does not change, and when they continue to be found on crime scenes, the symbols remain relevant and pertinent.

3. Rumors, incorrect information and bad intel.

We probably shot ourselves in the foot more in this area than in any other. I understood from the get-go that having verifiable information was absolutely crucial. And I cringed as I attended workshops where the most outlandish stories were being put forth as truth, and no one challenged them. There were rumors of Halloween blond-hair, blue eyed 13 year old virgin girls that were going to be sacrificed. There were rumors of the president of Procter & Gamble being a satanist and saying so on Geraldo or Oprah. And those were the less absurd rumors. But they caught like wildfire and wasted a lot of valuable time in debunking them with the facts.

In addition, it took us some time to get up to speed on all the facts concerning satanism, wicca, and occult crime. Some were, in the beginning, equating Wicca and satanism as one and the same. They are not. Satanism involves worshiping satan (unless you are a wannabe LaVey styler who claims to only worship themselves). Wiccans worship a pantheon of pagan gods and goddesses. True satan worshipers believe in, and practice, blood sacrifice of animals and humans. Most Wiccans, whose creed is “harm none” do not believe in nor support such activities. Regardless of what you think about the spiritual dimensions and harmfulness of either practice, the fact is, the differences between satanism and Wicca are vast, and it was a huge mistake for some not to recognize and define those differences, throwing them both into the same “criminal mix”. Live and learn -the hard way.

4. The Conspiracy and Paranoia trap.

Perhaps one of the most destructive elements that crept into our ranks in the early 1990’s was the “conspiracy network.” Simply defined, it was a network of people who claimed there was a vast, international conspiracy or powerful and organized satanists bent on world domination. From these ranks grew a frightening paranoia, which resulted in their own “black list” – people who claimed to be on “our side” but were really infiltrators, satanists in disguise, illuminati members.

I looked at each claim as it came up. (I don’t discard any information up front, no matter how outlandish, until I’ve thoroughly checked it out.) What I found was disturbing and unsettling. At a time when credibility was an absolute necessity, people and groups were traversing the country accusing good people I knew were trustworthy of being “one of them”, making claims that were patently false, and making us all look like alien-abductee wackos. The damage this has done is still being measured and felt.

Having said that, I want to allude back to the original definition of “Conspiracy” at the top of this article:

A combination of men for an evil purpose; an

agreement, between two or more persons, to commit a crime in concert, as treason; a plot.

There is no question in my mind that to some degree, according to the above definition, a conspiracy does exist in the satanic underground. Fourteen years of experience have shown over and over, that during some of the most serious investigations into satanic networks, bigger hands have come into play – to close a case – to threaten the investigators – to smear someone’s character – to make evidence disappear. That clearly speaks to a conspiracy at some level, in some places, among some people in places of authority. And why should this surprise us? Drug cartels are a “conspiracy” – buying off people, murdering those who try to get out, greasing the palms of politicians. We can believe that kind of conspiracy reaches into the higher echelons of society where money and power are the only real currency. We can even believe – as is evidenced by the recent Catholic church scandal – that a conspiracy to silence victims, reassign pedophile priests and deny any culpability was clearly in operation at the top ranks of the church. But when you speak of ‘satanic conspiracy”, everyone discounts it as ludicrous. Unfortunately, those of us who are veterans in this field see evidence of it all the time. How far reaching it is – how deep it goes into the court system, political arena and intelligence community – I cannot say. But I would be a fool to say it is not there. But one can’t uncover something of this nature by making outlandish, unproveable claims and calling them truth.

If we are to succeed in our work in the next wave, we must be careful who we align ourselves with. I have seen some good investigators get sidetracked in this muck and ruin the good work they have done – one of them is now pursuing UFO’s at Area 51. They have hurt us. Others have aligned themselves with Militia groups who claim the entire US government is part of the plot and not to be trusted. It is vital to get distance from them as well.

The work we do is so crucial, and so sensitive, that we can ill-afford to misstep, or fail to learn from our mistakes. Because, of this I am certain – organized satanic crime as well as random satanic acts of crime not only will not go away – but they never went away. We have lost ground but we need not lose the war. Live in the past, as the Russian proverb says, lose an eye – forget the past, lose both eyes. It is my hope that in learning from that past that we can be fully equipped to deal with the next wave of satanic crime when it comes. And come it will.


Gregory R Reid, DD



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