From the War Room to the Battlefield

greg copyThank you for visiting our site. YouthFire is an outreach dedicated to evangelism and to reaching and raising up a generation of youth disciples who will be able to carry the torch to their generation as well as take the battle of this age with strength and the power of God to a lost world.

In the 1980’s, spiritual warfare was a very important part of the church’s DNA. After decades of departure from solid Biblical truth and a dangerous drift into new age and occult tinged thinking and acting, discernment has almost been taken out of the church.

For that reason, I believe God has called me to be one of His equippers to train – or re-train – believers in the matters of spiritual warfare. Since 1987, we have been doing workshops and evangelistic outreaches across the country. There has never been a time when it is more needed. There is a lot of cloudy and sometimes unbiblical teaching on spiritual warfare, demons, the devil and everything concerning the believer’s battle. I made a commitment to God that I would do everything I could to make these presentations sane, balanced, biblical, truthful and real. I believe I have met that commitment.

These presentations include basic understanding of spiritual warfare, defining angels and demons, spiritual deception, the battle for the mind, the history of the battle for mankind, getting set free, understanding deliverance and how to do battle with the enemy.

These workshops can be conducted in a day, over two days or as part of a three day outreach which will include an evangelistic testimony night where I will share my story of occult involvement and deliverance through Jesus Christ.

There has never been a more crucial time for training believers to face the darkness of this age and fight it victoriously. The world is in darkness and people need to know there is freedom and deliverance through Jesus. I would be honored to come and help equip your congregation or ministry in these matters. Please contact us at:

YouthFire Ministries

Box 370006 El Paso TX 79937


In His Grace,

Dr. Gregory R Reid
Director, YouthFire
References available upon request