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1. Diary of a Devil Hunter

For 15 years Greg Reid worked as a trainer on cult crimes, a private investigator working on behalf of abused children, and as a youth minister working with kids who were deeply involved in satanism and the occult. While skeptics ridiculed and dismissed stories of satanic crime, ritual abuse and organized criminal occult groups as “village folklore”, Dr. Reid was actively involved in ongoing criminal cases and investigations into the very crimes skeptics said were rare or nonexistent.

Diary of a Devil Hunter is a chronicle of those thirteen years, detailing individual crime cases as well as addressing the serious issues of teen cult involvement, sexual exploitation of children and the church’s responsibility to fight for those bound by the occult.  Graphic without being sensational, blunt in its delivery but full of compassion for the hurting and bound, Devil Hunter is an important book for parents, pastors, youth pastors, law enforcement, probation officers, therapists and anyone who cares for children. For anyone who has wondered what the “satanism sensation” was all about, this book will prove to be invaluable.

Diary Of A Devil Hunter – Book Excerpt


2. Healing in His Wings

Healing In His Wings originally began as a series of newsletters written about spiritual and emotional healing for Christians. It stretched into a 15 article series. Later several other articles on similar issues were combined with the WINGS series and made into one book.  WINGS covers a broad spectrum of issues, including bitterness, forgiveness, suicide, grace, and heaven. All were written with the specific purpose of bringing God’s love and healing into the hearts of the bruised and broken.

Healing In His Wings – Book Excerpt


3. Treasure From The Master’s Heart

This book began during a two year period of deep prayer and searching the scriptures.

As insights from the Word came, they were written down as short devotional messages, and eventually became the first volume of this little devotional book. Volume two was added three years ago and finally combined into one book in 2001. This book has brought help and healing to over 1000 people in the last decade. It is purely for quiet times and devotional times and will help anyone to increase their hunger for the Word of God.

Treasure From The Master’s Heart – Boox Excerpt


4. Silence…And The Distance Between Us

“The loss of one parent is devastating beyond imagination. The loss of the other is a child’s worst nightmare.” So states the writer, who came to know in a three year period the loss of both parents. Grief is a messy business, and the real roadmaps are few. Many books are written from a Christian perspective on grief, but it is difficult to find one that speaks to the heart rather than the “things you need to do to grieve well.” Silence and the Distance Between us is a combination of journal notes, spiritual insights, and mostly, a book from the heart of one who walked through the valley of the shadow of death and came to know it intimately, painfully, and at last, with hope.

This book is vital for anyone who has lost a loved one and longs to know they are not alone.

Silence And The Distance Between Us – Book Excerpt


5. Teen Satanism: Redeeming The Devil’s Children

This book was written to address the very real epidemic of teen satanism that had affected thousands of kids in the late 1980’s and through the last decade. Although the problem is not as visible today, it is still a growing problem and a dangerous one.

This book should be helpful to anyone wanting to understand what happens when kids get involved in the occult, and how to get out.

Teen Satanism: Redeeming The Devil’s Children – Book Excerpt