CD Messages.

(Suggested donation cost for CD’s $10 each. CD packages are noted at the bottom of this page with suggested cost for each set.)

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1. The Prodigal Son
A message about God’s unconditional love and forgiveness for the “stray” believer.

2. The Purpose Of Suffering
Available in English and Spanish

3. Inner Healing 1

4. Inner Healing 2

5. Inner Healing 3

6. Inner Healing 4

A four part series on how God’s love heals our deepest hurts

Inner Healing 4 CD set – $25

7. Healing Scriptures for Bruised Hearts

8. An End To Guilt

9. What Is Heaven Like?

10. Recognizing Deception

11. Battle For The Mind

12. Yokes Of Bondage

13. Blocks In Relationship With God

14. Joseph: Death Of A Vision

15. Joseph: Resurrection Of A Vision

16. Saul: Good Man Gone Wrong

17. Saul: Good Man Gone Wrong 2

18. Nehemiah: Restoring God’s People

19. Nehemiah 2

20. Nehemiah 3

21. The Heart of a Servant

22. Studying the Word of God

23. The Work of Patience

24. Is Judging Always Wrong?

25. Restoring Christian Sinners

26. The Purpose of Fellowship

27. The Purpose of Holiness

28. The Wisdom Of God

29. How To Find God’s Will

30. Empty of Self, Full of Jesus

31. Putting What you Know Into Action

32. Is Your Heart Big Enough?

33. Dealing With Pride

34. Social Servants or Bondslaves?

35. Who is On The Lord’s Side?

36. The Final Race

37. Who Will Go?

38. You Can’t Save Yourself

39. God Lives In You Part 1

40. God Lives In You Part 2

41. Where is the Power of God?

42.More Than Just Salvation

43. Overcoming in This Life

44. Find Your Purpose and Fulfill It

45. Renewing Your Vision

46. Satan’s Final Battle Plan

47. Love Is A Fire

48. Caring Christians In A Wounded World

49. Where Are The Shepherds?

50. Warrior’s Creed

51. Building Eternal Things

52. Evangelism

53. The Humanity of Jesus

54. Have Done With The World!

55. Getting Un-brainwashed

56. Surprised by Pentecost

57. Transformation


A. Satanism: Attack On Youth

(2 CD’s) Suggested donation cost: $15

B. Inner Healing series

(4 CD’s) Suggested donation cost: $25

C. Love is a Fire/Warrior’s Creed

(2 CD’s) Suggested donation: $15

D. Sexual Abuse of Boys and Adolescent Males

(4 CD’s) Suggested donation: $25