The Laci Peterson Case: Showcase for the Smug and Arrogant


I want to begin by making two things clear: One, I do not necessarily believe Scott Peterson, alleged murderer of his wife Laci and son Connor, is innocent. But I stand with the law: He is innocent until proven guilty. Two, I do not like lawyers. I do not like defense lawyers. I do not like about 99.9% of all the lawyers I have ever come in contact with. I know two lawyers, (one is my own), who are good, decent people. But all in all, I have come to see the justice system – even if it is the best in the world – as a broken system tangled up with so many loopholes and ridiculous rules, motions and delays that finding the truth in a court of law today is almost an accident if it happens.

I won’t deal with all the ins and outs of this horrific crime, or the players. But since my work is in occult research and consultant work, I have almost been dragged into commenting by force.

I am appalled at the absolute lack of objectivity on the part of the media concerning this case, or specifically, the allegations of a satanic cult being involved in the murders. Fox News, my able guide through 9/11 and the war in Iraq, has been one of the worst offenders in this case. But none of the mainstream journalism programs or news channels has even attempted a partial hearing of any side except those who are determined to mock the theory of satanic cults being part of this case – or any case – ever.

The last straw for me was hearing someone on the Larry King Show say, “There has never been one documented case of satanic murder in the history of the United States.” For days I found myself saying out loud (and to any poor soul that was in hearing range) “IT’S A LIE! A COMPLETE LIE!” For you see, as an occult crime consultant and trainer, I have seen more “documented cases” than most people have in an entire career in law enforcement. And I am angry and shocked that this man, and many more like him getting their 15 minutes of fame out of this tragedy, are getting away with what they are saying and NO ONE has been called on to present any facts! They are like atheists saying, “There’s no proof of God.” Except, whereas, I cannot “prove” God’s existence I CAN prove there have been satanic murders in this country for YEARS. As a veteran of the deluge of occult activity and crimes between 1986-1992, as well as the subsequent Tokyo Rose cover-ups, denials and disinformation of 1992 to the present, I can only watch the latest round of this with astonishment.


When Laci Peterson and her unborn child disappeared Christmas eve from Modesto, California, my heart sank. In my work, there are certain criteria we use to determine if a case warrants further scrutiny to ascertain if there could be an occult connection:

– The Date

– Profile of the victim (certain dates call for specific types of victims)

– Location (Is it a previously tracked hot-spot?)

– Immediate family profile

– Other players

– Crime Scene

– Other similar crimes in area or on that date

Knowing very little at first, what little I did know made me fear the worst. Christmas – known as Yule in the Druid world, close to the solstice in other groups – it is a corridor that is dangerous because certain groups who practice ritual sacrifice consider it a very crucial time. The fact that Laci was pregnant added to the concern. Criminal Satanic groups do everything in mockery and reversal of Christianity, as was the custom since the first Gnostic “black masses” in the 16th century. The sacrifice of a pregnant woman would be a mockery of “Mary and baby Jesus” at Christmastime.

Just for the record, and for the skeptic parrots that keep repeating the same old line of denial: Please don’t tell me Satanic groups don’t do this. At the very least, it certainly has been encouraged over the years. Even Lt. Col. Michael A. Aquino of the Temple of Set, quotes from Crowleyan material – Crowley being the British architect of modern black magick and “satanism”. In the Crystal Tablet of Set, Aquino lays out this from the Crowleyan magickal instructions: “For perfume mix milk and honey and thick leavings of red wine. Then of Abramelin and olive oil, and afterwards soften and smooth down with rich, fresh blood. The best blood is of the moon, monthly; then, the fresh blood of a child…then of enemies: then of the priest or of the worshippers: last of some beast, no matter what.” (Ibid. A5-27 pp.23-24) (Italics mine.)

Interesting that Aquino quotes this without qualification, or saying, “you shouldn’t actually do this.”

In short, if you follow real Satanic devotion, you DO these things – including, obviously, spilling the blood of animals, an enemy, and God help us, children. So don’t tell me they DON’T.

The third red flag for me on this was Modesto. I know, the sheriff and the residents are bending over backwards not to see their beautiful little town tarnished. After all, this kind of thing tends to make property values go down. But I’ve got a few ticks in my book for Modesto. It is the place from where little Steven Stayner was kidnapped and kept for several years until he escaped. It is the home of Cary Stayner, his brother, who has been convicted of the awful dismemberment slayings of women in Yosemite. A side note – some of Cary’s drawings from his boyhood are as satanic as anything we saw in the “satanic panic” 1980’s. SOMETHING happened to that boy, and please don’t tell me he butchered women because his brother got all the attention and he didn’t.

Then there was Chandra Levy and the Gary Condit affair. Chandra, a resident of Modesto living and working as an intern in DC, disappeared on one of the most ugly nights on the satanic calendar – April 30th, known as Walpurgisnacht or the Feast of Beltane. It was the date Anton LaVey chose to found the Church of Satan, and the anniversary of Hitler’s suicide. Chandra fit three criteria – date, profile and location. I suspected if she was ever found, they would probably never find the perpetrator. And if they did, they would never talk.

That’s one of the aspects of all this no one ever discusses. The satanic underworld is much worse than the mafia in the way they deal with their traitors. You take an oath that if you ever talk, you die – by suicide (preferable) or by them. I have internet sites that tell you how this is done, by people who know how to do it. In addition, all your family is ID’d. They die too. So even if someone goes to prison for a crime carried out on satanic orders, they will likely never talk. A murderer in New Mexico who killed a pastor in cold blood in church was apparently well-connected but took the fall rather than talk. An El Paso schoolteacher-child rapist and satanist hung himself the day before his trial rather than let the details of his life and his connections – which those of us who were involved in the case knew but the public didn’t – go public. An accomplice in a horrendous slaughter of a young woman in Odessa Texas put his head under a pumpjack right after leaving the police station after questioning, where he told the investigators he had been with the other man in custody when the murder took place. He accidentally called the man by his “coven name” in front of the officers, and knew apparently that his life was over, for his cohort was according to him, a high Satanic priest who had done the murder to elevate himself in the priesthood. (The murderer is alive and well, by the way, since the DA ordered him shipped out of state because he didn’t want to deal with this “Satanism crap.”)

Oh, the stories I could tell. Stories that the public has never heard, that the media will never cover. Stories that only those of us who have been on the front lines of the real war against satanic crime can ever tell. I’m sorry most won’t, because most of the original soldiers retired, burned out, were fired, threatened, scared off – and many have died, taking their legacy and their indisputable accounts with them.


Which is why I am so infuriated by the recent coverage of the Laci Peterson murder and how the media has covered it. When I first heard that Satanism was being brought up by Scott Peterson’s attorney, my heart went into knots. You’d think I’d be happy someone was actually going to do that – but not a defense attorney! Prosecutor, maybe – but they won’t, because they know that even if the crime was clearly Satanic and done by a Satanic or occult practitioner, you leave it out of the trial, or you lose. But a defense attorney pulling the Satanic card – even if there is one (and I do not know for sure yet) makes two things happen: One, it allows all sorts of flaky, non-credible information from the usual band of publicity seekers and self-proclaimed “experts” to get to the attorney’s desk before anything credible, since Garegos undoubtedly knows very little about how to tell the difference between a real expert in occult crime and a publicity hound; Two, it provides the media and the old skeptics and debunkers an orgy of airtime to make fun of, mock, and ridicule the theory. And automatically, whatever truth might be in a Satanic connection is dismissed out of hand.

In short, it becomes and HAS become a showcase for the smug and arrogant “experts” who claim there is no satanic crime.

A word to my law enforcement friends. I realize your job is limted – find the criminal and bring them in. But if you continue to accept the lie that “there is no organized Satanic crime” without finding out for YOURSELF, it’s a mistake. If you were dealing with drugs, you would not do that. You find drugs, dealers – you want to find the supply line and shut it down, right? Where there are drugs, there may be dealers and cartels. If you use that motif, then when you find evidence of a crime with occult overtones, don’t ASSUME it’s “just dabblers.” Dig deeper. Ask more questions. Try to find connections to others. If you come up with nothing, then you haven’t lost anything. If you DON’T pursue it a little further, you may have missed a bigger connection, other players and perhaps an organized occult cartel. If you aren’t willing to be educated on occult crimes, then you’re limiting your effectiveness in being able to do a thorough job. To assume that when you see occult trappings at a crime scene that it is just crazies or sickos or dabblers and you don’t bother to find out what the scene is SAYING about who, what, where, when and WHY, that’s just bad investigating. If there is no “proof” of organized occult crime, is it possible that it is because there are thousands of investigators across the country that simply “tie it up” and close it without a more thorough analysis? Or, as has happened on numerous occasions, one department DID find something, and a department three states away found a nearly identical case, with connecting players, but had no idea the other one was even there. Without a networked task force on occult crimes, there is little hope we’ll ever be able to find and dismantle their network.

While you are listening to the “experts” who say it does not exist, please remember the words of Herbert Spencer: “There is a principle which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance: That principle is CONTEMPT PRIOR TO INVESTIGATION.”

While you listen to all the “experts”, ask yourself WHY there is no counterpoint. Why there is no opposing view. Why they NEVER ask those who have actually seen occult homicides to provide “fair and balanced news.” Maybe they don’t think there are such folks. More likely, it just doesn’t make good news. The media already got their pound of flesh from the glut of satanic crimes in the 1980’s (no, it wasn’t imaginary, and it wasn’t “village folklore.”) Ask Geraldo. He certainly made a big name for himself on the Satanic gore train. No, now it’s better to give time to those who say it does not exist. Because that’s what people WANT to believe. They sleep better at night.

As to the experts: you cannot help but notice their smugness and arrogance, their absolute confidence that theirs is the swear-to-God truth.

Geraldo Rivera, for instance. During the Peterson investigation, he was so quick to talk about the “ridiculous” satanic theory at every opportunity as he and his cohorts laughed about the very IDEA such a thing existed! Mr. Rivera, you are a hypocrite of the highest order. I was ON your show in the 1980’s, when you covered the Matamoros cult slaying of Mark Kilroy. Your people lured Mark Kilroy’s best friend and his mother onto the program telling them it would be a “tribute” program for Mark. But it wasn’t, was it Mr. Rivera? No, it was your triumphant “proof” show that everything that you’d been saying about the seriousness of satanic crime was TRUE! YOU WERE RIGHT! And you had a panel of about seven in New York and more through a live feed from Texas. There WAS no tribute to Mark Kilroy! And while you gloated and gloried in your smugness and arrogance because you were “right all along”, using Mark’s murder as proof, it was I, sir, that rode back to the hotel with Mark’s friend and his mother as he sobbed uncontrollably and said, “They lied to us!”

And now you, after that, and after several sensational follow-up shows on satanism designed to elevate your ratings, dare to say it’s “ridiculous”? Shame on you, sir!

The other experts? Richard Ofshe…big proponent of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, founded by people whose own daughter, a respected professor of Psychology, stands by her allegations of being molested at her father’s hands…

…Mark Furman. How did HE become an expert on satanic crime? Remember the OJ Simpson trial, the charges against Furman for racism? Well, I suppose time can make an expert and a saint out of anyone given good media coverage and a real short-term memory. Mr. Furman, my father worked the L.A. police department beat when you were in diapers, and he had no question there was satanic crime and cult homicide going on. Two words for you: Black Dahlia. Five more: YOU ARE NOT AN EXPERT.

Then there is the oft-quoted FBI special agent Kenneth Lanning. Mr. Lanning, whatever your intentions might have been, you will never, ever know the depth of the damage you have done. You were not just an “expert” – you were an expert with credentials of the highest order. All you had to do is say, “This does not exist”, and it was the end of the discussion, wasn’t it? It didn’t matter how much evidence we had, how many autopsy photos we’d viewed, how many funerals of cult-murdered kids we’d been to. All that we had or would show did not matter, all of it was dismissed before even being considered because YOU said it did not exist. Who are people going to believe – a bunch of street level cops, investigators and researchers, or an FBI agent? We didn’t stand a chance against your set-in-stone proclamations. And we still are paying for that every time we have a new case, or attempt to tell the truth we have seen, witnessed, know. People think if the FBI says it – it is the Gospel Truth. Mr. Lanning, please retire. Our only hope is that your inaccurate statements will one day be a distant bad dream. We’ve got work to do, and I long to do it without having to EXPLAIN YOU!


The last expert to come out so far is Jeffery Victor, author of the coffin-nail book “Satanic Panic” (Satanic Panic: The Creation of a Contermporary Legend, 1993) Apparently his first comment when he heard the Geragos defense strategy of satanism was, “Oh, no. Not this again.”

Where you been, Mr. Victor? Just because you said it did not exist, that it was all just a panic, do you think that made it so? I am sorry to inform you – and all your birds of a feather – but not only did Satanic, occultic crime exist, but it did not CEASE to exist because you have a book. And seeing you dragged out as an expert on the Peterson case makes me sick. Oh yes, Mr. Victor – THIS again. You and your friends will never know the odyssey we have made in the last fifteen years, the horrific reality of occult madness and criminal savagery, or what it has cost the few of us who remain to CONTINUE to speak the truth in the face of a new round of ridicule, mocking and blatant LIES. Yes, it’s THIS again, and those of us who remain have no intention of laying down and playing dead and saying, “Hey, I guess there really WAS no problem after all!” No, we’ve seen to much. We’ve witnessed too much first hand holocaust to do that. So as you, and your like-minded “experts” enjoy yet ANOTHER 15 minutes of fame, we will continue to do what WE do, media or no, lies or no, ridicule or no. Because we cannot deny what we know first hand to be true.

I found myself talking to friends and saying, “I guess we’ll never be able to prove there’s an organized network.” I finally realized we can. And we will, with time. It will be difficult, because the bottom line is, to those who will NOT believe, those who will not accept at least the POSSIBILITY of such a criminal occult cartel, there is no proof that will be enough. It’s drugs, not occult. Okay, he was into the occult, but he’s a nutcase. OK, he wasn’t crazy but he was a lone operator. OK there were others, but it doesn’t mean they were serious in the occult, they just used the occult to hide behind, to get free sex and drugs. OK, they were serious but it was just gang stuff, nothing to worry about. See? It’s frightening the way people bend over backwards to call an occult crime ANYTHING BUT WHAT IT IS. I will never know why, except it is easier to call it anything but, because the possibility that there may be people who murder, molest, rape, dismember because it is part of their RELIGION is terrifying. But it is true. And you can deny, and you can ridicule without looking at the facts, but you are just whistling in the dark, trying to make the boogeyman go away.

Recently I heard of a group of officers who went to an abandoned house where Satanic rituals were taking place. And they completely destroyed the crime scene. Who knows why. Maybe their religious sensibilities were offended, and in a rage, they lashed out. I kind of think they were afraid, because here was evidence that there were people who took time to create an elaborate ritual room in which to call on the devil. It was not kids. And it was not a game. And perhaps they destroyed it because they were faced with the truth, a truth they had neither been trained for nor equipped to deal with. And so they destroyed any chance of useful forensics or investigation. And I wonder how many times that occurs in the course of a year across the country.

And all the while, people believe the lie that it “doesn’t exist” or it is “Satanic panic” or it’s just too ridiculous to even consider.


I do not know if Laci Peterson and her child are the victims of a Satanic crime. I absolutely refuse to rule that out, because I will not make a judgment until I know ALL the facts from the standpoint of one who is not afraid to face those facts and FIND those facts, whether they lead to occult motive or not. Frankly, I am always thrilled when it does not. But you never get to “it does not” fairly unless you are willing to say, “It could be, let’s find out.” I will not allow myself to be prejudiced by a defense lawyer looking for a loophole. People don’t realize that just because a defense lawyer brought up the Satanic possibility does not mean it is not there. And it is very bad investigating to assume that.

Is Scott Peterson guilty? Who knows? We are still innocent until proven guilty, right? My gut feeling is he is not innocent – but that does not mean I think he acted alone. I don’t think he had the brains or the capability to carry all this off with such a small thread of forensic evidence. Maybe he did. I’ve been wrong before. Maybe he got hooked into a Satanic group, and he’ll never talk, because he’s still got family who could pay a price if he did. Who knows? I don’t. Time may or MAY NOT tell. I’ve been on plenty of cases where Satanic organized connection was there but no one was ever able to bring other possible perpetrators to justice. And I am finding that the courts of this fair land are often the last place where the truth is found, and made known. Especially in these cases.

If anything sets me apart from the smug arrogant experts we see on TV, (and I say this without wishing to be that way myself) is that they have made up their minds, had their say, and the truth be damned.

I learned early on in the field of occult crime and investigation: If someone claims to be an expert, they are not. I am not an expert. I am a truth-seeker who is willing to find that truth no matter what it turns up. The experts I see have no intention of doing that. Their truth is apparently the only one to be considered.

On the other hand, I have considered their views, even Agent Lanning’s. I have many times worked on a case I was told was satanic or organized, and found that it was not, and I was not afraid to say that. Credibility is the ultimate standard in this work, and I refuse to put my name on non-credible or half-true allegations. I wish to find the truth no matter where it leads.

And in 15 years of such work, the truth has most often led to the reality that not only do these crimes exist, and they have been continuing unabated now that the “satanic panic” 1980’s are over – but the threads have almost always led up to more people, more organized activity, and more dangerous work for us. Get too close, and they push back. Push too much and you could end up dead. This is a reality these “experts” will never, ever know about. Because they are nothing more than Monday Morning quarterbacks with big opinions and big egos and time to kill.

In the meantime, those of us who remain can only continue to quietly do our work, and one day, God willing, we’re going to slap a file so deep and wide on the desk of the FBI and agencies across this country that no one is going to be laughing anymore.


Dr Gregory R Reid


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